Advance Your Bible Study

Lexham Press advances scholarship and equips the church. We publish elegant print books and create innovative resources for Logos Bible Software. We are an imprint of Faithlife Corporation, makers of Logos Bible Software. As such, many of our resources are designed for digital first, then they are beautifully rendered in print second. Lexham Press has also published Bible Study Magazine since 2008.

Here are four ways Lexham Press advances your Bible study.

Study the Bible                                                

Lexham Press publishes the Bible in both its original languages and literal English translations. With thousands of explanatory notes, you can read the Bible through the lens of the translators. Our digital editions of the Bible in its original languages are morphologically tagged—each one utilizes research that capitalizes on over 20 years of Bible technology developed by Logos Bible Software.

Interpret the Bible

Whether you’re a scholar or new to Bible study, Lexham Press helps you interpret the Bible. Our products simplify the process of learning, and they speed up research. We also provide original translations of historical theology, present the work of top theologians in elegant formats, and publish original research.

Preach the Bible

Freeing up a pastor’s time benefits the entire church. Pastors often spend their valuable time finding that perfect quote or prayer, designing a slide, or asking the right interpretive questions. Lexham Press gives them their time back by resolving these difficulties while making sermons more memorable and exciting.

Apply the Bible

Lexham Press helps you apply the Bible—making the Bible more accessible and exciting. Our devotionals, application-focused bible studies, and commentaries take full advantage of the technology of Logos Bible Software, so you can take your study with you, anywhere you go.

To advance your Bible study, speed up your sermon preparation, and help you find answers fast, we work with top Bible scholars from around the world, and we employ a team of in-house scholars and editors. We’re here to further God’s kingdom with you.