Step into the Story of the Bible

As the calendar turns over to 2015, many of you are making New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve decided to take your Bible study to the next level this year, Lexham Press has designed a resource that makes it easier than ever.

With DIY Bible Study, you’ll have everything you need to study the Bible to the fullest extent. DIY Bible Study helps you step into the story of the Bible with application-focused content, beautifully designed images, and practical video tutorials.

It also includes a pre-built year-long reading plan. In just ten minutes a day, you can go through the entire resource, digging deeper into the Bible with each lesson. You can also use it as a handbook during your regular study. We wanted DIY Bible Study to be as flexible and as accessible as possible so anyone could benefit from it, no matter where they find themselves on their walk with Jesus.

A Survey of the Bible

If you were using the year-long reading plan included with DIY Bible Study, each biblical book would be divided into five sections in an effort to maximize coverage and depth. Let’s take a look at what five days in Genesis might look like.

Day 1: Overview

First, you’ll watch a short video and read a brief overview of the Book of Genesis. It lists key moments in the book, and it establishes an outline for the book. It also highlights key terms, DIY study tips, and interesting facts so you can dig deeper into the biblical text on your own.

Day 2: Reflection

We’ve included two volumes of hand-curated Bible Study Magazine content to help you reflect on and study each biblical book. On the second day, you’ll read a devotional article from Moment with God so you can begin reflecting on the themes of Genesis.

Day 3: Context

Why was Genesis written, and who was it written to? How did the original audience understand this text? The answers to these questions and more will be answered on day three. We dive into the historical and biblical context of the book of Genesis, uncovering everything you need to know to begin understanding the meaning of the text.

Day 4: Practice

The second volume of Bible Study Magazine content is Study Like a Pro. You’ll read an article that addresses a particularly difficult passage from Genesis and walks you through how a biblical scholar might approach it.

Day 5: Application

Finally, you’ll begin to learn how to apply Genesis to your own life. Our beautifully designed Verse of the Day slides are peppered throughout to visually highlight key verses in the book. Included reflection questions help stimulate discussion and action.

Step into the Story

Step into the grand narrative of Scripture to see how our God has wrestled with—and saved—humanity. With DIY Bible Study, you’ll learn how to study the Bible and enjoy it more than ever before.

DIY Bible Study is included in most Logos Bible Software base packages, but you can also get it in the Lexham Bible Study Essentials Bundle, on sale for over 60% off during the New Year’s Sale.