Lexham Theological Wordbook: A Unique Resource From Lexham Press

Last week, I gave quick overview of the amazing resources Lexham Press built specifically for Logos 6. I’ve already showed you how DIY Bible Study helps you step into the story of the Bible.

But one of the most exciting new resources we’ve built is the Lexham Theological Wordbook. The Wordbook is designed to make the original biblical languages accessible to people from all interest levels. And it’s designed to work seamlessly with your Logos Bible Software library.

A new spin on a lexicon

For any serious student of Hebrew and Greek, there are a number of lexical resources that are required for study—resources like the Hebrew-Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (HALOT) and the Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament and Early Christian Literature (BDAG). These resources are geared towards intense academic work which can make them less accessible to students and virtually inaccessible to anyone without any formal training.

That’s where the Lexham Theological Wordbook aims to fill the gap. We’ve designed the Wordbook to be useful for students who are learning the biblical languages, as well as accessible to a general audience who might be interested in understanding the Bible in its original context. The Wordbook accomplishes this by organizing entries by concepts rather than Greek or Hebrew lemmas.

For example, the entry on Truth begins with a brief summary of the concept and its theological applications:

Once you’ve seen the overview of the concept, the lexical information is listed to give you an understanding of how individual words or phrases affect the meaning of the overall concept. Each lemma is glossed and defined and example Scriptural uses are provided.

And since it’s been designed with Logos 6 in mind, all the concepts are linked to the Bible Word Study Tool and the Bible Sense Lexicon and other relevant Logos features.

An amazing tool for original language study

Whether you’re a student, a pastor, or just interested in the Bible in its original context, the Lexham Theological Wordbook is an invaluable resource:

“The Lexham Theological Wordbook is an excellent tool. It is easy to use, provides precisely the lexical information one is looking for, and is completely reliable. No student or scholar of Scripture should work without it. Highly recommended!”

—Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College

The Lexham Theological Wordbook uniquely blends together the benefits of lexicons and theological dictionaries while simultaneously showing how the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words informs biblical theology.

The Wordbook is exclusively available with most Logos 6 Base Packages.

Get the Lexham Theological Wordbook and hundreds of other amazing resources today!