Get All the Best Resources on James in One Bundle!

Here at Lexham Press, we love providing the church with unique resources to study the Bible. We want to help you understand Scripture like never before. Part of how we do this is by producing different series for different kinds of study.

For example, our Not Your Average Bible Study series contains stripped-down Bible studies, asking important questions and coaching you to find the answers. On the other end of the spectrum, our Evangelical Exegetical Commentaries are in-depth scholarly resources, examining the biblical text with excruciating detail. And our High Definition series falls somewhere in between, providing discourse-based commentary that is visually engaging and highly accessible.

The exciting thing about working with all these different series is that we’re starting to gain whole collections of unique content on individual books of the Bible. And since these resources work so well together, we figure you should pay a little less to buy them together.

Toward that end, we’ve created a bundle for the immensely practical book of James. In addition to volumes from the three series described above, we’re also including Study, Share, Apply: James and William Varner’s devotional commentary, To Love God and to Love Others.

Purchased individually, these five volumes would cost $98.50, but you can purchase the bundle for only $64.95—that’s more than 30% off! And with Dynamic Pricing, you’ll save even more if you already own any of the volumes in the collection.

Get the Lexham Press James Bundle, and improve your understanding of James today!