Walking Through Life with Jacob

Jacob’s story is a roller-coaster ride filled with twists and turns. Through times of blessing and hardship alike, Jacob struggled to recognize God’s presence—and we can relate. We go through seasons when we feel like God is so far from us. But even in these trying times, God remains with us, just as He remained with Jacob.

In Jacob: Discerning God’s Presence, you’ll walk through life with Jacob and his family, learning along the way how their story is like yours. With this all-in-one curriculum, your congregation or small group will share in the discovery of new and deeper insights into this familiar story. You will learn—together—how Jacob’s life lessons are relevant today.

Digital curricula for your small group

Jacob: Discerning God’s Presence is Bible study like you’ve never experienced before. Lexham Press designed the Studies in Faithful Living Series to help pastors and small group leaders maximize their planning and preparation time. 

  1. It provides lesson plans. One of the most time-consuming aspects of leading a small group is deciding how to organize your lessons. The Studies in Faithful Living Series takes care of that for you! Each curriculum comes complete with weekly lesson plans, including learning objectives that summarize the theme and concepts of the chapter. Lesson plans also offer an outline that draws from the chapter text, prompts that suggest when to explain concepts or read passages aloud, and discussion and application questions to engage your group and make participation easy and comfortable.
  2. It provides slideshows and videos. Sometimes small groups can be dry. The Studies in Faithful Living Series provides media resources to help you ensure your small group time is engaging and fun. Each chapter includes an opening video (like the one above) to introduce the chapter’s themes and provide a dynamic start to the study. Slide graphics illustrate concepts within the chapter, display key texts or quotes, and present the discussion and application questions found in the lesson plan.
  3. It gives you great content. None of these features would be worth much without great content. Each volume of the Studies in Faithful Living Series includes eight chapters—in this case, tracing the life of Jacob and his journey of faith. Each chapter walks you and your group through the biblical text. You’ll gain not only literary and historical context, but an understanding of how Jacob's story fits into the larger narrative of the Bible and what early interpreters thought of it. Applications, reflections, and questions then allow you to see how these ancient stories of faith are relevant to your own story today.

Everyone in your congregation or small group will benefit from the richness of content you’ve come to expect from Lexham Press.

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