The Longest Commentary on Jude Ever Published (and Other EEC Updates)

Herb Bateman with the manuscript for his volume on Jude

Herb Bateman with the manuscript for his volume on Jude

We’re nearing completion on the next volume for the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary: Herb Bateman’s Jude.

Copy editing should be done within 2–3 weeks. Then it will spend another 3–4 weeks in post-production for tagging. And then it will be ready to ship!

This might be the most in-depth commentary on Jude ever. Jude is only 25 verses in the Bible, but the commentary will be around 250,000 words. As far as we can tell, that makes it the longest Jude commentary in existence!

Here are some more updates on the status of other EEC volumes currently under production:

  • 1 & 2 Samuel: We’re still on track to release this volume in the fall. Copy editing is well underway. This will be a fantastic volume. Like Jude, it is also incredibly thorough (over 600,000 words).
  • Ephesians: The writing is done and the review is done. As soon as copy editing is finished for Jude, Ephesians is next. We’ve heard nothing but good things about this volume from Wayne House, Hall Harris, and Andrew Pitts (General Editor and NT Editors for the EEC). We can’t wait to get it out to you all.
  • 1 & 2 Chronicles: Eugene Mayhew has finished writing this volume and Bill Barrick (OT Editor) is currently reviewing it. Then it will go to Wayne House for review. It shouldn’t be too long before it’s ready for our copy editors.
  • Jeremiah: Walt Kaiser and Tiberius Rata are also done writing. JoAnna Hoyt (who recently joined the EEC editorial team on the OT side) is currently reviewing it.
  • Philippians: Mark Keown is done writing. Andrew Pitts is currently reviewing it.
  • Numbers: Writing on this volume is progressing well. It won’t make the July 1 date, but the content will be better for it. It’s shaping up to be an excellent volume.
  • Others: All other EEC volumes are in various stages of authorship. We have an amazing team of authors and they’re all working hard to write content that will advance scholarship and enrich your study.

* * *

Don’t forget: during June, the Esther volume is free, and 1, 2 & 3 John is only 99 cents!