Take the Summer Reading Challenge with Dr. Steve Runge (and His Pets)

Steve Runge, author of the High Definition Commentaries, is taking steps to make sure that his regular Bible reading doesn’t take a back seat during summer vacation. And he wants you to join him. (His pets are pretty excited about this idea too!)

We are heading into the summer vacation season, the perfect time to let your bible reading go on vacation too! I am issuing a Summer Reading Challenge for those wanting to either enhance (or begin!) their regular time in Scripture. How? I will be giving a different question to focus on in your reading that will help you identify key details and make new connections you might have missed. The questions are general enough that you should find a few examples not matter where you are reading.
The focus for this week is on the importance of “also” and “too” for making connections in the text. Normally things that we want to connect are placed right next to each other, like “this and that.” When they are this close, words like and, or, but make these connections clear. But when the things are not right next to each other, we use other words to make long-distance connections: also and too. These words instruct us to connect this person or thing with some other closely related thing in the previous context.

Read the rest of Steve’s post on the Logos Academic Blog. And if you haven’t already, be sure to join his High Definition Bible Study Faithlife group.