Open Your Eyes to the Unseen Realm

A few weeks ago, while Dr. Darrell Bock was in town filming for Logos Mobile Education, we had Michael Heiser sit down with him to discuss the origin of The Unseen Realm and the most important points found in the book. Watch the full, 26-minute interview below.

Recovering the supernatural worldview

In The Unseen Realm, Dr. Michael Heiser helps readers view the biblical text through the same lens as the ancient readers and writers of Scripture. Their ancient perspective engages fully with the supernatural world in a way that our modern theological systems have not. Study the biblical text unfiltered by common assumptions that leave no room for the strange and wonderful view of the world the Bible offers.

Here are just a few questions Dr. Heiser addresses in The Unseen Realm:

  • Why wasn't Eve surprised when the serpent spoke to her?
  • How did descendants of the Nephilim survive the flood?
  • Why did Jacob fuse Yahweh and his Angel together in his prayer?
  • Who are the assembly of divine beings that God presides over?
  • In what way do those beings participate in God's decisions?
  • Why do Peter and Jude promote belief in imprisoned spirits?
  • Why does Paul describe evil spirits in terms of geographical rulership?
  • Who are the glorious ones that even angels dare not rebuke?

What scholars are saying

Leading scholars are raving about the insights found in The Unseen Realm. Bock himself says “Heiser shows how important it is to understand [the unseen] world and appreciate how its contribution helps to make sense of Scripture. The book is clear and well done, treating many ideas and themes that often go unseen themselves.”

Here are few other endorsements we’ve already received:

"This is a ‘big’ book in the best sense of the term. It is big in its scope and in its depth of analysis. Michael Heiser is a scholar who knows Scripture intimately in its ancient cultural context. All—scholars, clergy, and laypeople—who read this profound and accessible book will grow in their understanding of both the Old and New Testaments, particularly as their eyes are opened to the Bible’s ‘unseen world.’"

—Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

"In this remarkable volume Michael Heiser not only opens our eyes to the unseen realm of the supernatural in the Scriptures, but also alerts us to the reality of supernatural forces in our own experience. Although based on exhaustive research in both primary biblical and ancient Near Eastern sources and secondary scholarly literature relevant to his project, Michael’s book is written in a style that is accessible to scholars and laypeople alike. Even when readers disagree with his interpretation of specific biblical texts, they will be stimulated and inspired by fresh readings that he offers as he constructs a coherent picture of the role of the supernatural in biblical revelation."

—Daniel L. Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College

The Unseen Realm is set to release on September 1—learn more about how you can pre-order this book from Logos, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble at