Link Love for The Other Worldview

Last year, our sister imprint, Kirkdale Press, published The Other Worldview: Exposing Christianity's Greatest Threat by Peter Jones. A rash of reviews have been posted recently, praising this book's treatment of the two opposing worldviews influencing Western culture.

Sean McDowell had a chance to interview Jones on his blog. Here's what he had to say about why writing this book was so important:

I taught New Testament for 18 years [1974-1990] in secular France, and upon returning to the States in ’91, I suffered culture shock. I discovered a spirituality I thought long-gone, namely a modern form of ancient Gnosticism, called the New Age. It was not a weird or outlandish cult, as many Christians at the time believed. It was something much more threatening. I had studied Gnosticism for a Ph.D. in the 70s and what I had known as a dead apostasy, I now was meeting in Christian America as a very live spiritual practice.

David Brown was impressed with Jones's full treatment of the development of "Oneism," from it's origins to its evolution today:

In the book Dr. Jones delves into the rebirth of this pagan religion which had its birth back in the garden of Eden itself when the serpent tempted Eve with the thought of becoming like God, an influence that can be traced through the mystical Eastern Philosophies to the new universal spiritualism of today

On the other hand, James Pate felt like Jones's critique of "Oneism" need to have more nuance:

My main problem with the book is that it paints a picture of a monolithic threat, when reality is more complex than that. Jones, who went to Harvard and Princeton, is probably aware of complexities and nuances, but such an awareness was not salient in his book. 

Nathan Parker was very enthusiastic in his review, recommending this book to his local politicians and everyone else in between:

This resource is such a timely and needed book for our age, and everyone needs to stop what they are doing, pick this book up, and read it. 

R.C. Sproul said The Other Worldview is "a must-read for every concerned American—and especially for every Christian who weeps at the graveside of his culture." 

The Other Worldview is available in both print and digital formats—get it today!