Mobilize Your Prayer Life

Maybe you’ve thought that your prayer life needs something—guidance, advice, just a fresh perspective. Maybe you’re jazzed about the upcoming National Day of Prayer and are already recruiting friends and family to join the Prayer Movement. Maybe you’re a ministry leader looking for a guide—something thorough, practical, and very boots-on-the-ground—to help those you lead grow strong in their prayer lives.

Maybe you’re familiar already with John Bornschein and his prayer guide available from Kirkdale Press. But whoever you are, you haven’t yet seen the new and improved second edition of A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle—available today.

This second edition includes more than just a snazzy new cover and motivational foreword by Shirley Dobson. New features in the second edition include:

  • 16 prayers written for the National Day of Prayer. These prayers, including this year’s prayer by Honorary Chairman Dr. Tony Evans, are by national prayer leaders such as Billy Graham, Beth Moore, Charles R. Swindoll, and Barry C. Black.
  • Two entirely new chapters on family prayer, including a “field guide” with tips and Scripture studies to incorporate prayer into the life of your family and your relationship with your children and teens.

All of the original content is also present, including chapters on prayer as relationship, how to intentionally approach prayer in your life, the role of prayer in the church, and how the Holy Spirit intercedes for Prayer Warriors in prayer. And with both digital and print versions of the book redesigned and reformatted, even the original content is a fresh reading experience.

“Jesus Christ wants a relationship with us that is built on time spent in His presence and reading His Word. On a personal level, we can speak to Him about anything and everything. And yet, although prayer is simple, its principles must be learned. Even the disciples asked their Master to teach them to pray. … We need to learn how to become a people of prayer once again.”
—from the foreword by Shirley Dobson

In celebration of the book’s launch and the National Day of Prayer on May 5, get the print edition for just $9.99—only available at