300 Illustrations for Preachers


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by Jim L. Wilson

Whether it’s a story or a statistic, a well-chosen illustration will help biblical truths stick in the minds of a congregation. However, not all pastors have the time or resources to read and select fresh illustrations week after week.

In this book you’ll find 300 of the best illustrations Jim L. Wilson has contributed to Sermons.Logos.com. A veteran pastor and homiletics professor, Wilson knows how to connect with a congregation in a fresh way. With the help of these illustrations, you can too.

The illustrations in this book are edited for maximum storytelling effect and tagged with preaching themes and Scripture references, making them easy to find in Logos. With 300 Illustrations for Preachers, you’ll no longer need to comb through multiple books looking for an appropriate illustration. Each illustration is tagged with multiple topics, making it easier than ever to find the right words.

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