Connect the Testaments: A 365-Day Devotional with Bible Reading Plan


by John D. Barry and Rebecca Van Noord

Much of what we learn serves an immediate purpose, but God’s Word has eternal value. That’s why it is vital that we seek His Spirit daily through prayer and Bible study. Connect the Testaments is designed to help you in your daily pursuit of God.

Connect the Testaments is a 365-day devotional with a custom reading plan that covers the entire Bible over one year, explaining difficult and complex passages along the way. Each day you’ll read from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Poetic literature. Daily devotionals offer insight into the text, explanations for difficult passages, and glimpses into how the Scripture passages are connected—as well as what those connections teach us about living for Jesus. Thought-provoking questions help you reflect on how you can apply each passage to everyday life.

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