DIY Bible Study (4 vols.)


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by John D. Barry, Jake Mailhot, Rebecca Van Noord, David Bomar, Elliot Ritzema, and Carrie Sinclair-Wolcott

Reading the Bible for yourself doesn’t have to be intimidating. With DIY Bible Study, you’ll learn how to study the Bible and enjoy it more than ever before. Step into the grand narrative of Scripture to see how our God has wrestled with—and saved—humanity.

This highly visual curriculum leverages Logos Bible Software and Lexham Press products to take your Bible study to the next level—or to help you begin. Video lessons explain Bible study principles and survey every book of the Bible. And application-focused content, accompanied by stunning graphics, helps you see what the Bible meant to its original readers and what it means for us today.

You’ll get an overview of the entire Bible, one study at a time. You’ll also discover methods to improve your study, and you’ll be introduced to helpful study tools. Discussion questions are included.

With the built-in plan, you can go through DIY Bible Study in a year, spending only ten minutes each day. Or you can read straight through like any other resource. Either way, you’ll always have the material to reference as a handbook during your regular study.