Excellent Preaching: Proclaiming the Gospel in Its Context and Ours


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by Craig G. Bartholomew

The Bible is far more exciting and relevant to modern life than most realize.

In Excellent Preaching, Craig Bartholomew explains how to preach so that the powerful message of the Bible penetrates the daily lives of your congregation. While we need to be intimately acquainted with Scripture, we also need to understand the context in which we preach. But good contextualization is hard work.

Some preach sermons firmly grounded in Scripture, but the message will fall flat if it is not contextually applied. Others excel at contextualization, but the relevance of their message will do no good if it is not consistently biblical. Bartholomew seeks to avoid either pitfall, bridging the gap between a biblical foundation and relevant application.

Grounded in rigorous scholarship and rooted in years of preaching experience, this short, accessible, and practical book helps preachers connect the message of the text to everyday life.

Praise for Excellent Preaching

"In his masterful little book, Craig Bartholomew provides a view of preaching in which the preacher proclaims God’s living and authoritative word in a manner appropriate to a specific cultural context. Along the way he teaches the reader how to view a biblical text within the context of the whole biblical narrative, preach it in a way that draws hearers closer to God and at the same time sends them out into the world, and apply it to the prevalent idolatries of our time."
Bruce Riley Ashford, provost & dean of the faculty, professor of theology and culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Bartholomew’s thoughts on preaching should be read by every preacher.  Our congregation is richly blessed when he opens God’s word to us.  His singular focus on the glory of Christ in all of scripture has been inspiring to me in our friendship and partnership in preaching the gospel.  This book challenges us to take our task seriously, offering practical guidance and instruction for every preacher from the recently ordained and to the seasoned pastor."
—Rev. R.D. Glenn, Rector, St. George’s Anglican Church, Burlington

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