Faithlife Study Bible

edited by John D. Barry, Michael Grigoni, Michael S. Heiser, Miles Custis, Douglas Mangum, and Matthew M. Whitehead

The Faithlife Study Bible is the world’s largest study Bible, designed for digital with multiple layers of notes. It includes infographics, videos, tables, timelines, and over a hundred articles written by scholars and pastors across the world. Three layers of notes allow you to dig deeper in the text as you find answers to your biblical questions. Based on the original languages of the Bible, it is translation independent, with seven supported English translations in the notes—read it alongside your favorite Bible translation.

The Faithlife Study Bible helps you dig deeper together.

  • Always growing. The FSB adds more study notes, maps, media, and Bible dictionary articles all the time.
  • Works anywhere. Enjoy the FSB on the web or on popular mobile devices with the Faithlife Study Bible app.

  • Great for groups. Share notes, reading plans, and documents with your groups in the Faithlife community.

Devotions, groups, news, and more—it’s all wrapped up in the Faithlife Study Bible app. It puts your Bible study and the Faithlife community on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire.

The Faithlife Study Bible is a complete experience, which includes the ever-growing Lexham Bible Dictionary and the daily devotional Connect the TestamentsThe digital editions of these three incredible resources are free for a limited time. Learn more at

Praise for the Faithlife Study Bible

"If the Word of God nourishes the soul, trains the mind, and is used by the Spirit to transform our live, then what a priority it should be for those of us who trust in Christ to devour the revealed word of God. Logos has removed every obstacle imaginable with the Faithlife Study Bible. The commentaries, videos, articles, maps, and graphs take you as deep as you want to go while being easy to navigate. The Faithlife Study Bible is a steroid shot in the arm of reading the Bible through in a year."
Matt Chandler
"Between running the kids to soccer practice, trying to finish up projects at work and home, and visiting with a friend who really needs a listening ear, it’s hard for women to find time for in-depth, life-changing Bible study. How do we keep our wells full of His word? Thank God for the Faithlife Study Bible. What a resource... everything you need right at your fingertips, and it’s FREE! What a gift Logos has given women around the world!"
Elyse Fitzpatrick

"Logos has done it again! The Faithlife Study Bible makes the Scriptures come alive. It takes you deep and makes it easy to study the Bible. Download it now and dig deep!"
Josh McDowell

"The Faithlife Study Bible is a remarkable resource that allows you to probe deeply yet move quickly. You can glide effortlessly from passage to passage with insightful commentary, or view cross-references without leaving the Scripture you’re studying. Read through the Bible in a year, and dig in wherever you want with the Faithlife Study Bible. Incredible!"
Randy Alcorn