Glimpsing the Mystery: The Book of Daniel


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by Barbara M. Leung Lai

Wars, conflicts, global catastrophes, and senseless human suffering—all these have the potential to shake our faith. The message of the book of Daniel is that God desires to reveal himself in his people’s difficult situations, whether in the Babylonian exile of Daniel’s day or the crises of our own. In Glimpsing the Mystery, Barbara M. Leung Lai unpacks the stories of the first half of Daniel and the visions of the second half, showing through how God provides glimpses into his mysterious sovereignty. While sometimes all we get are hints, we can come away with the assurance that even when life is hard, God wants to pull back the curtain and show us that he still holds us in his hand.

Praise for Glimpsing the Mystery

“Barbara M. Leung Lai brings her considerable knowledge and clear insight into her concise yet substantial presentation of the book. I recommend Glimpsing the Mystery to all who not only want to understand the book of Daniel better, but also have it transform their lives and faith.”
Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

“Dr. Barbara Leung Lai masterfully opens up the often mystifying Book of Daniel for the contemporary reader. Through an analysis of the book's historical context, literary forms, theological emphases, and most especially of the character of Daniel, she leads her readers to an understanding of how they too can appropriate the message of the book in their own lives.”
John Kessler, professor of Old Testament and chair of biblical studies, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto

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