High Definition Commentary: James


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by Steven E. Runge

Study and teach James like never before! Dr. Steve Runge, author of Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament, provides discourse-based commentary, featuring custom-designed slides to use in your teaching. Talented designers tailored these infographics to illustrate the key ideas of each passage, and you can export them for use in your own sermons or Bible studies.

Divided into preachable chunks, this commentary draws on insights from the six-volume Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament to examine the linguistic and literary clues in the text, highlighting what you need to know. Dr. Runge follows the flow of the book, presenting the big ideas of each passage and applying his linguistic and exegetical expertise to guide your study. The High Definition Commentary: James is a one-of-a-kind Bible teaching tool, and it’s only available from Lexham Press.

Praise for High Definition Commentary: James

Everyone who reads commentaries on biblical books knows they have different strengths. Some focus on words, others on Greek syntax, others on critical theory, still others on theological reflection – and a few attempt a bit of everything. This High Definition Commentary: James (which follows up on Steven Runge's earlier HD commentaries on Philippians and Romans) reads James through the discipline of discourse analysis. The focus is less on what James says than on how he says it, so as better to appreciate the flow and emphases of what he writes. These HD commentaries unpack the Greek New Testament in a readable, simple, helpful way, pitched at those who who want to understand the flow of the argument but whose Greek is minimal. Readers who depend on visual learning will appreciate the clear and simple graphics; others will happily skip over them. But all will be helped to ponder with fresh eyes some of the easily overlooked elements of what God has given us through his servant James. 
D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

What happens when you take the results of Greek discourse analysis, traditional exegesis, and creative high-tech graphics and apply them all to the Letter of James in order to write a “bottom-shelf,” highly accessible, succinct commentary? You get this wonderful, little book. It is reliable, easy to read, insightful and convicting all at once! 
Craig Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary

One aspect of Steve Runge's work that always impresses me is how he weds his mastery of linguistic theory with how that theory informs praxis. Steve fervently desires to explain how language works so as to communicate meaning. He brings that neglected balance to the text of James with consummate skill. Steve has a deft way with words. With the inclusion of creative and catchy illustrations that clearly convey the message of Philippians, we are really helped to see both the meaning of the text and also how it impacts our everyday lives. Whatever background you bring to this book, you will find lasting help not only for understanding James’ message but also for living it out.
William Varner, The Master’s College, Author of James in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

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