Joseph: Understanding God’s Purpose (Book)


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by Derek R. Brown, Miles Custis, Douglas Mangum, and Matthew M. Whitehead
edited by Michael Grigoni

At the beginning of Joseph's story, his life seems ideal. However, Joseph's life would quickly turn tragic. Through it all, Joseph remained faithful to God, and God never abandoned him. Joseph’s story teaches us a profound lesson: No matter our circumstances or others’ actions, God will accomplish His purpose. In Joseph: Understanding God's Purpose, you’ll walk through life with Joseph and his family—learning along the way how their story is like your story.

Joseph: Understanding God’s Purpose helps you dig deeper into the life of Joseph. It has everything you need for your personal study, but it’s best used in conjunction with the complete church curriculum.

Discover new meaning in the life of Joseph. Dig up the nuggets you might have missed. Discuss questions you’ve never thought to ask. Infuse your sermons with energy and conviction. Learn new ways to apply Joseph’s story in your life.

Get connected with others in your church. Joseph: Understanding God’s Purpose is perfect for small groups, and it’s best used in conjunction with the complete curriculum package for your entire church. The topics in each small group Bible study integrate with your pastor’s sermons. Everything is centered on the Word, so you get a complete, shared Bible study experience with your entire church.

Praise for the Studies in Faithful Living Series

"Lexham Press has taken group Bible study to the next level with their new Studies in Faithful Living series. Deeply engaging, biblically accurate, and filled with life-changing applications, this series is destined to be the go-to resource for lay leaders for years to come."
Israel Loken, Chair, Bible and Theology Departments, College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX

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