Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Bundle (6 vols.)


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by Steven E. Runge

Our understanding of the Greek New Testament is based almost entirely on English translations, but how would our understanding of the Greek text change if we read it for what it is—as Greek?  With the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament, we can now get behind the words of the New Testament writers and discover the particular linguistic tasks that inform translation and interpretation. The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament identifies discourse markers and performs complex discourse analysis of the entire New Testament quickly, easily, and accurately, which makes it one of the most advanced tools for studying the Greek text of the New Testament.

The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament includes the entire Greek text of the New Testament enhanced with incredible functionality within Logos Bible Software. The text of the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament is marked up with more than twenty discourse devices, making discourse analysis easier than ever! The bundle comes with a general introduction to discourse grammar, where you’ll find an overview of each discourse device and numerous examples from the Greek text of how various New Testament authors used these devices to communicate. The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament also includes a built-in, easy-to-use glossary. By simply hovering over a discourse device, the glossary appears, allowing you to quickly access information about the device and about the text you’re looking at. With the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament, it’s also possible to search for all instances of a particular device, such as all cataphoric references in 1 John or all temporal frames in the Gospels. The search tool aids in discourse analysis of entire books—textual analysis that once took hours can now be done with a click of a mouse! The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament makes this all possible.

Praise for the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament

"This resource is a tremendous help in discerning the author's original intent in communicating God's Word to his people. I have found it to be a great tool in developing sermon outlines based on the author's thought patterns and emphasis rather than on what makes a nice alliterated sermon outline so often produced by our 'Aristotelian' outlook. I recommend this tool to pastors, students and Bible teachers alike."
Dr. Kenny Rhodes, Scofield Graduate School and Theological Seminary
"I believe that Steve Runge's Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament will be one of the most important helps to students, teachers and pastors in the past ten to fifteen years. This is a tool that will be of great help to those who are at work in the service of the kingdom. Anyone who teaches, preaches, or studies the Word of God should not be without it!"
Sam Lamerson, Associate Professor of New Testament, Knox Theological Seminary and Interim Preaching Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

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