Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible Bundle (6 vols.)


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by Steven E. Runge

The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible represents the culmination of years of study on the discourse features and devices speakers and writers of all languages use to convey meaning. The text of the Old Testament is annotated with visual representations for numerous communicative devices. These devices we use every day, but determining what they are, what they signify, and how to identify them in the Bible is something the vast majority of people are not equipped to do. The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible identifies these discourse markers and performs complex discourse analysis of the entire Old Testament quickly, easily, and accurately, making it one of the most advanced tools for studying the Hebrew text.

The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible adopts the very same cross-linguistic framework used in the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament, making it possible for those already familiar to the New Testament version to instantly recognize and grasp the annotations in the new Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible. It is the cross-linguistic basis of Dr. Runge's approach that allows for describing both Greek and Hebrew using the same basic structure and terminology. This collection focuses on annotating linguistic features that are common to communication across all languages.

The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible includes the entire Hebrew text of the Old Testament enhanced with incredible functionality within Logos Bible Software. The text of the Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible is marked up with more than twenty discourse devices, making discourse analysis easier than ever! The bundle comes with a general introduction to discourse grammar, where you’ll find an overview of each discourse device and numerous examples from the Hebrew text of how various Old Testament authors used these devices to communicate. The collection also includes a built-in, easy-to-use glossary. With the Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible, it’s also possible to search for all instances of a particular device, such as all Redundant Quotative Frames in Exodus or all temporal frames in the Pentateuch. The search tool aids in discourse analysis of entire books—textual analysis that once took hours can now be done with a click of a mouse! The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible makes this all possible.

Praise for the Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible

"The author of The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible has performed an invaluable service for all who base their study of the Old Testament on the Hebrew text. In the Introduction, he explains in plain English many biblical Hebrew discourse features and comments on their significance for interpretation. . . . This will be an indispensable tool for all who teach the Old Testament and all who seek to communicate its message to our world."
Daniel Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College
"The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible addresses an acute need and opens new horizons for the study and teaching of Biblical Hebrew at an intermediate level. I have been looking forward to a tool like this for many years."
Christo van der Merwe, professor in biblical Hebrew and Bible translation, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
"The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible represents a new departure in the study of the text. It promises to assist students in thinking through the flow of thought and the structuring of biblical texts.
James E. Allman, professor of Bible exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

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