Lexham High Definition New Testament: ESV Edition (3 vols.)


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by Steven E. Runge

Communicate the expression and impact of the text that was so evident to the original readers. The devices are already in the text. The Lexham HDNT shows you where they are by visually marking the communicative tools the original author employed to make his meaning clear. It is dramatic, but it is not contrived.

We are accustomed to the use of style for emphasis in English. For example, when you want someone to pause, you write, "Guess what I did …" We include an ellipsis so our reader will anticipate what is next. Or how about "DO NOT FORGET THIS." When we want to shout something we bold a word or phrase to make sure no one misses it. And if we want

  1. All our points
  2. To be clearly understood
  3. And follow exactly
  4. We make a numbered list

Thanks to the Lexham High Definition New Testament, you can see what is important, because it is clearly marked up for you. The writers of the New Testament use their language to point out important things, make lists, and prompt you to wait in eager anticipation for what comes next. With the Lexham HDNT, you know more about what the author is saying because the Lexham HDNT shows you how he said it.

Here’s another example. I might say, "Pastor, I appreciated your sermon today," or "Pastor, while I appreciated your sermon today," inserting "while" in the beginning of the sentence and giving it a completely different meaning—leaving you waiting for the "other shoe to drop" with a critique! Greek writers do exactly the same thing all the time, but the smooth English translation doesn't always preserve the force of their words. The Lexham HDNT is designed to help the reader restore the “high definition” lost in translation.

Praise for the Lexham High Definition New Testament

I believe that Steve Runge's Lexham High Definition New Testament will be one of the most important helps to students, teachers and pastors in the past ten to fifteen years. This is a tool that will be of great help to those who are at work in the service of the kingdom. Anyone who teaches, preaches, or studies the Word of God should not be without it. 
Sam Lamerson, Associate Professor of New Testament, Knox Theological Seminary and Interim Preaching Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

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