Lexham Theological Wordbook

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edited by Douglas Mangum, Derek R. Brown, Rachel Klippenstein, and Rebekah Hurst

Unlike most other wordbooks, the Lexham Theological Wordbook organizes entries by concepts rather than Greek or Hebrew lemmas. Related words are grouped together, giving you easy access to the most relevant terms without needing to go back and forth throughout the volume.

Each entry starts with a concise definition of the given concept. A concept summary follows, briefly surveying the most important related words. Next, a theological overview explains the significance of the concept throughout Scripture. The entry then covers the lexical information, examining each word individually as it relates to the concept, including both Old and New Testament words.

Praise for the Lexham Theological Wordbook

"In a day in which seminaries and universities are loosening their hold on the biblical languages Lexham is boldly leading the way towards a constructive and thoroughly contemporary retrieval. The Lexham Theological Wordbook is a marvelous resource for scholars, pastors, seminarians, and for those whose knowledge of the biblical languages is limited. Scripture is given to us in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and we need this sort of help in excavating its riches. This Wordbook is based on the best current linguistic insights and will be a resource that I keep close at hand. The Wordbook is an ambitious and major achievement and should and will be used widely."
—Rev Prof Craig G Bartholomew, Redeemer University College, Ontario, Canada
"The Lexham Theological Wordbook is an excellent tool. It is easy to use, provides precisely the lexical information one is looking for, and is completely reliable. No student or scholar of Scripture should work without it. Highly recommended!"
—Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia, Canada