Selections from the Psalms: A Life of Worship


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by Miles Custis

Who do you turn to in good times and bad? In the Psalms, we find an ancient people worshiping God in all types of situations—praise, anger, thankfulness, frustration, and sadness. Their cries and praises abandon facades. The Psalms reflect genuine worship and encourage us to turn to God in any situation.

About the Not Your Average Bible Study Series

The Not Your Average Bible Study series combines a deep understanding of the biblical text with real-world application that is relevant to our lives today.

Each volume in this series guides you step-by-step through Scripture, helping you discover powerful insights as you move through the text, digging into the Bible on a whole new level. With discussion and reflection questions, specific prayer suggestions, and ideas for further study, you’ll see how easy it is to apply these lessons to your everyday life. This is not your average Bible study.

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