The Word of God Has Not Failed: Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9


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by Aaron Sherwood

Romans 9–11 has long been an interpretive battleground. While many scholars understand it to be a treatise on election, Aaron Sherwood argues that Paul is primarily interested in defending God’s covenantal faithfulness. The first major passage of this section includes a long series of Old Testament citations, and Paul uses these texts to explain what God is doing with Jews who have rejected Jesus.

In The Word of God Has Not Failed, Sherwood presents a fresh reading of Romans 9:6–29, focusing on Paul’s use of Scripture. Since this passage contains such a high concentration of Old Testament quotations, it is vital to explore how Paul understood and interpreted those texts. Only then can we really understand the thrust of Paul’s message.

According to Sherwood, Paul sees the rejection of the gospel by unbelieving Jews as idolatry. He explains how God’s judgment on them is working to fulfill his covenantal promises. And he shows that the inclusion of believing Gentiles is a fulfillment of God’s promises to bless Israel and to make them a blessing to the nations.

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