Together For the World: The Book of Acts


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by Michael R. Wagenman

First-century Christians were asking many of the same questions we’re asking today: Where does the church of Jesus Christ stand in the world? Where does the church fit into a religiously diverse society? How should Christians respond to marginalization, ridicule, and insult? In Together for the World, Michael Wagenman reminds us that the book of Acts is more than just the beginning of church history. It’s a story that reveals the ongoing means by which God is still transforming people to be his witnesses in the world.

Praise for Together for the World

"In this lively and lucid little book, Michael Wagenman teaches the book of Acts under the conviction that God is a missionary God who intends for his people to be a missionary people. Under the leadership of Christ and the empowerment of the Spirit, we, his people, are called to bring our neighbors and indeed entire societies into a missionary encounter with the gospel. Highly recommended."
Bruce Ashford, author of Every Square Inch and One Nation Under God
"Wagenman successfully displays the unique role of Acts within the Bible, rescues us from a tired reading of Scripture, and helps us to hear its message with fresh ears. Though [Acts is] a well-worn narrative in many churches, Together for the World brings [the book] to life in its ancient and modern contexts, helping the reader to behold Luke's magisterial aims—literally and literarily."
Dru Johnson, professor of biblical and theological studies, The King's College

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