Walking with C.S. Lewis


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by Tony AshRyan J. Pemberton

Join Tony Ash on a journey through the life and works of C.S. Lewis. In these 10 video episodes, you’ll visit historic sites from Lewis’ life, you’ll walk through 16 of his most beloved titles, and you just might learn something new about the man himself. The companion book lets you quickly reference and review the material, and the included study guides cover each of the C.S. Lewis titles that are discussed.

For the past forty years, Tony Ash has been teaching C.S. Lewis in college and university classes, as well as giving guest lectures in churches and other venues. Having been strongly impacted by the writings of Lewis, Ash seeks to use those writings to help others deepen their spiritual walk. Though he’s read many of Lewis’ books more than thirty times each, he says, “I always find something new and refreshing.”

Jack (as Clive Staples Lewis was known to friends and family) was an atheist until his mid-twenties. But through conversations with friends—including J.R.R. Tolkien—he eventually became a believer in Jesus Christ. For the rest of his life, he wrote an average of one Christian book per year. Almost all of them are still in publication, and they continue to impact lives. J.I. Packer, Chuck Colson, and Francis Collins are just a few of the better-known Christians who credit Lewis with influencing their conversion.

In Walking with C.S. Lewis, Tony Ash opens a door for those who have never been introduced to Lewis or his writings. And those already familiar with Lewis will appreciate Ash’s thought-provoking commentary. Perfect for use in groups or individual studies, the videos, book, and study guides in this bundle are sure to delight fans of C.S. Lewis and promote further discussion of his life and works for years to come.

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